For thousands of Valley kids, their Boys & Girls Club is their safe refuge where they can learn, play, grow, and learn to be a strong, resilient adult.  Please help ensure quality services and life-changing programs for kids in need by giving your gift today.

Your generosity impacts more than 27,000 kids with proven programs that offer safe spaces where they can go when they are out of school and enjoy positive role models, fun sports, healthy meals and academic success.

Who we serve – who you support:

11,000 Club members and 27,000 students who participate in outreach programs

53% of our members live below the poverty line

82% qualify for free and reduced lunch

94% enjoy daily physical activity (compared to 24% of Arizona youth)

100% can enjoy hot, nutritious dinners at the Club

100% receive academic support and participate in character development programs

94.6% of BGCMP juniors and seniors expected to graduate high school

94% of parents agree that BGCMP enables them to succeed at work. We are open extended hours and during school breaks

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What your gift will do:

Provides 10 kids with academic and character development programs

20 hours of drug prevention education or 15 dental screenings

100 hot meals for hungry kids

Sponsors 4 kids to play in the basketball league

Helps transport 5 kids to the Club

FAQs about the Arizona Tax Credit

What is a tax credit?

A tax credit reduces your tax liability dollar-for-dollar. In other words, a tax credit comes right off the top of your state tax bill, lowering the amount you will pay.

How do I file for the credit?

You or your accountant will complete a simple tax form or in online software. The form is included with materials provided by the State of Arizona to all state tax filers.

How do I document my contribution?

We send you a contribution confirmation letter/email that documents your donation.

Do I have to give $400 to get the tax credit?

You may receive an Arizona state tax credit of up to $800 if you are married and filing jointly, or $400 if you are married and filing separately or a single taxpayer or head of household. But, any amount less than $800 (married) $400 (single) still qualifies!  You can also split your tax credit between Qualifying Charitable Organizations of your choice.

Does this tax credit affect the Arizona private and public schools tax credits?

No.  This is in addition to the school tax credit programs.  You can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for giving to all three tax credit programs! For example, you can give to a public school, a Private School Tuition Organization, and the Qualifying Charitable Organization credit too.

How does this tax credit impact my ability to take a federal tax deduction?

Your contribution can be included as a deduction on your federal tax return, reducing your taxable income, maybe even resulting in decreased Federal taxes! To claim the tax deduction on your federal taxes for 2017, donations must be made before December 31st.

What is the deadline for this donation? 

Because calendar year filers have until April 17, 2018, to file their 2017 tax return, these taxpayers also have until April 17, 2018, to make qualifying contributions and claim these credits on their 2017 return.

For questions about the tax credit program, you can call Carrie Aranda at BGCMP at 602-956-8182

Fed Tax ID: 86-0107639