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Parent Survey

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We Asked & We’re Listening – Parent Survey Results from April 2019

Thank you to the 1,070 parents who participated in our Club survey.

The feedback about our Clubs, programs and staff has been reviewed internally and with our Board of Directors as part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement. We are working to create the “Optimal Club Experience” for your children!

We wanted to share some of the highlights and areas for improvement from the survey. It’s important that you know that we are acting on the feedback that we heard.

As a reminder, all of the survey responses were anonymous.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America has identified five key elements for positive youth development:

  • Build a Safe, Positive Environment
  • Offer Opportunities and Set Expectations
  • Establish Supportive Relationships
  • Provide Recognition
  • Create FUN!

Using these guiding principles, we created the survey to measure how well we are doing in creating an optimal Club experience and asking for feedback about where you see room for improvement.

Here are some of the highlights:

The Club's free snack and meal program is important to my family.
I feel comfortable leaving my child at the Club because it is a safe environment.
My child enjoys the time he/she spends in the Club.
The staff maintains positive communication with me about my child.
I would recommend this program to other parents for their children.


While every Club offers unique programs to meet the needs and interests of their members, BGCMP is proud to offer academic and leadership development programs across all Clubs. Most of the Clubs also organize sports leagues and we hope to continue that and expand where possible.

Nearly half (55%) of parents reported that they are aware of their child’s participation in the Power Hour and accessed homework help.  In the comments area of the survey, this came up frequently as a program you appreciated and want to see more time devoted to homework. This year, we have added STEM programs in our Clubs that students may participate in a few times a week and there are a number of programs like Math Hoops where kids can use play to learn! BGCMP continues to work on a more comprehensive approach to educational support and focused homework time.

Field trips continue to be important to our members.  Many parents commented on how the field trips had impacted their child and every Club works to create new opportunities with our philanthropic partners.

In every category, the ratings (on a scale of 1-5) increased in every category and on most questions.  More important than the ratings, were the comments provided by hundreds of parents. All of those comments have been reviewed by each Club and senior management.

The Club environment feels safe both physically and emotionally.


“The Club has been a tremendous help to my family. I can safely leave my children there for a very affordable price. I like the positive attitudes of the staff…the homework Power Hour, field trips, and the art program.”


“The staff (are) kind, friendly, knowledgeable and fair with all of the kids. They allow them to have fun in a safe place and my kids are usually disappointed when I pick them early because they would rather stay there and play.”


“ I love the staff, they make you feel like family.”


“It allows all children to learn new things and teaches them about teamwork and to respect one another.”


“My kids are able to play sports that I couldn’t afford to put them in as a single mother.”


“The club has felt like a second home for my kids. I feel secure knowing they have staff they can go when I am not able. They trust the staff and that means a lot to me. 100 percent satisfied.”

The Club promotes social interaction and good character.
My child has learned and experienced new things while attending the Club.
The staff have established a positive relationship with my child/children.
The Club promotes academic success by preparing my child/children for future successes in school, post-secondary educational/training opportunities and life.

Opportunities for


Safety is a top priority for every Club.  BGCMP is continues to make improvements and provide training on the prevention of child abuse, Positive Club Climate and emergency planning.  BGCMP is a mandatory reporting agency and our Youth Development Professionals take part in on-going trainings to learn to prevent and respond to any incidents of child abuse. In addition, we have safety measures and protocols in place throughout the organization to prevent injury and abuse.

We also completed a number of capital improvement projects all designed to enhance safety for our staff and members.

We also use regular safety measures to keep kids safe and those can always be found in the BGCMP Parent Handbook.  It’s the member’s responsibility to scan their membership card as they arrive and leave the building.  We strongly encourage parents to come to the front desk when they pick up their kids.  Not only does this help ensure their safety, it helps our Club staff get to know you better!



Fewer than half of the survey respondents said they had taken part in an orientation of the Club. We want parents and guardians to be more familiar with the Club so you can help them make the most of their after-school time.  Our staff is always happy to conduct a personal tour with a parent or guardian.


Most parents are connected to the Clubs using the Edu-Link email and text message system to receive updates on Club issues, reminders about Club operations and more.  It’s imperative we have good contact information so we can use this safety and communication tool effectively.

More information about the Clubs, including hours of operations, days that we are closed and more, can be found at and we frequently update this site with information.  You can also connect with BGCMP on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @BGCMP.

You can also sign up for our newsletter online and learn more about BGCMP’s programs and the volunteers and donors that make our work with your child possible.

Social & Emotional Support and Staff Training

We were thrilled to see how many comments mentioned our Youth Development Professionals, some by name, and the positive impact that they have on your children. Boys & Girls Clubs provide frequent and on-going training for our caring staff members so they can provide social and emotional support for the kids they supervise.

One area for improvement appears to be around the issue of bullying.  Boys & Girls Clubs maintain strict policies around bullying and every Club is committed to creating a culture of kindness, that does not tolerate bullying of any type.  Based on the comments that we saw from parents, we are working with staff to ensure they are enforcing the policies that we have in place and teaching our youth that bullying has no place in Boys & Girls Clubs.


Moving Forward

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix is a dynamic organization committed to providing your child with the highest quality, proven programs that create opportunities for their success.  We welcome your feedback and we will continue to reach out to you for feedback in surveys like this.  Please don’t hesitate to talk with our staff if you have questions or concerns at any time!