Academic Success

Academic Success

Academic Success programs are a vital part of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix. Our outcome-based approaches to education enable youth to become proficient in basic educational disciplines, apply learning to everyday situations and embrace technology to optimize job opportunities.

In 2012, we initiated Be Great: Graduate, a program intended to curb high school dropout rates by identifying and addressing warning signs in younger kids. It proved to be so effective that one Be Great: Graduate member who was repeating 7th grade ended up completing coursework for 7th and 8th grade in a single year, graduating to 9th grade on time with the rest of his classmates. Our programs offer new hope for kids who would otherwise risk falling behind.

Being computer literate is more important than ever, and the BGCMP realizes that many children do not have the resources at home to become familiar with emerging technology. In recent outcome measure surveys, 77% of BGCMP members stated that they do not have a computer at home. Our volunteers assist children in the computer labs, educating them on computer skills that are absolutely necessary for this generation.

Education staff members work to provide children with a myriad of age-appropriate activities to stimulate an interest in learning. Unlike assignments in class, Power Hour is conducted in a pressure-free and fun after-school environment. With the supervision of our professionals, members are guided through the completion of homework. For members whose parents may not able to help them with their homework, the learning center is instrumental in their success. In fact, 56% of our members indicated that, if they did not do their homework at the Boys & Girls Clubs, their homework would not get done at all.

The Academic Success programs provides the essential tools for our community’s youth to become successful and influential adults. Some programs include:

Daily Homework (Power Hour)
Be Great: Graduate
Money Matters
PBS Zoom
Annual Science Fair
Technology Techathalon
Project Learn
Junior Achievement
Annual Pizza with the Pro’s
Job Readiness Program
Newspapers in Education
Read to Achieve

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