Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Stars

Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Stars


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February 23, 2019 we celebrated 11 Youth of the Year Representing Their Clubhouses at Today's Kids, Tomorrow's Stars!

Iyana Jameson from the I.G. Homes Branch was selected as the Youth of the Year 2019 for BGCMP.   

Iyana, a Senior at Metro Arts Institute, has been a Club member since she was 9 years-old. She credits the Club with providing her a safe and caring environment when she needed it most.  Iyana served as her school’s Student Body President last year and coaches volleyball and soccer at the I.G. Homes branch.  She is very active with her school’s theater program and stays very involved in performing arts.

Iyana’s Youth of the Year platform focuses on addressing the issues of mental health and removing the stigma of these challenges.  She has bravely opened up about her own challenges with mental health and how she’s stronger and healthier now.

After high school, Iyana plans to spend time abroad teaching English, and then plans to attend Arizona State University to double major in fine arts and linguistics.

Iyana Jameson

2019 Youth of the Year

Metropolitan Arts Institute Class of 2019
I.G. Homes Branch

“Everything you do,
do with purpose.”

  • Joined the Club at age 9
  • Talented performer in theater, dance and voice
  • Active member of Torch Club and Keystone with more than 1,200 hours of service
  • Champion for health and those facing mental health issues
  • Enjoys many sports including Olympic style weightlifting
  • Was Student Body President last year
  • Teaching herself Korean

Mikayla Lowry WINNER of the Shawn Carter Foundation and the BeyGOOD Initiative $100,000 College Scholarship

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